YES, this IS a possibility! Gorgeously coloured claws! What a beautiful thought!

There is NOTHING better than having the dandiest and freshest looking manicure! Not only does this contribute towards looking as though you have your life together, but it also makes you FEEL like you do. Think about it – how many times a day do you unexpectedly catch a glimpse of your paws? Almost all day long, right? You can’t hide from them – wherever you go, they’re always going to be there, right by your side – LITERALLY. There’s no escaping such bodily attachments, unfortunately.

For one, I know that if my nails aren’t looking like a Fresh Fiona then I become shy with my hands and find every way to hide them. Not to state the obvious, but that wouldn’t make me very handy! Why not be a pleasant possum and make an exceptional and not so ghastly sight for yourself and all other claw witnesses involved. After all, we only have one set of eyeballs.

My nails and I are all for the pearly pink shades at the moment. I found a great one at Clicks for an entire R29.95. SUCH a bargain, considering most decent quality nail polishes cost an arm and a leg these days. Thankfully not a hand though – I mean, what would be the point in buying nail polish then, right?

unnamed (2)

Anything “pearly pink” (a whitened light pink colour) hits the spot for me, ESPECIALLY on claws! It just looks so chic and neat. Who wouldn’t want to be sporting such fabulousness everywhere?

The shade in my below picture is “EASY GOING 300” from “SinfulColors Professional” and is made in the U.S of A, in the Big Apple. The brush is rather friendly and spreads the nail polish evenly and smoothly (very well behaved if you ask me). BONUS! The bottle design is pretty simple and clean cut. The nail polish is quite hardy in wear and tear too and the “coverage” is relatively thick. I use two coats per nail. It stayed on for about 3 days with a finishing layer of clear nail polish on top of my “pearly pink”. Any girl knows that 3 days of limited polish chipping is a literal LIFETIME in the land of non-gel nail polish. For that, I would definitely give this particular colour a fat 9/10!

unnamed (1)

Nailing it, SinfulColors!

Go on, Gorgeous Gertrude’s – be handy and get yourself some!



Where are all my Biotin Betty’s at?

Alrighty my Beautiful Betty’s, let us all try our best to not invest in a Pinocchio sized snout and be as straight up and honest about the fact that WE ALL WANT GORGEOUS NAILS, SKIN AND HAIR! I mean, why would we not, if such possibility is even an option?

An option? Why yes, young las, you read correctly! My latest “Diva Discovery” is non other than a vital vitamin, Biotin (SOLGAR brand). What is this you may ask? Well basically this is a capsuled product of Vitamin B.

One capsule a day is sure to get those locks looking as luscious as ever in no time. Nails and skin are also on the beneficial list. How fabulous, right?

I will be uploading my before and after (6 month trial period) results of these hair, skin and nail benefits.

In one bottle you’ll find 50 1000mg capsules, VEGAN ofcourse – wheat, dairy and gluten free. Could this product actually just get any better?  At the moment, a bottle of such gloriousness retails for R80.00 at health shops. Quite a bargain, considering you only need to gulp down one a day.

Go on you Gorgeous Gretel’s, let us get our Biotin on!

Biotin post 1