Good hair days, bad hair days – we ALL have them! Some, much more than others, but alas, those days of naughty locks that don’t listen to your hairy demands happen to the best of us.

If you’re anything like me when it comes to your fur, then you’d agree that your hair can either make or break your look of the day, or night – whichever tickles your pickle.


Thankfully though, for those bad hair days, we no longer need to put our noggin strands in the naughty corner for misbehaving. We simply just refresh them with Batiste dry shampoo. And trust me, with this, it completely encourages your hair to have a new and improved attitude for the day – HOW FABULOUS!

Besides transforming your hair to look clean and fresh and full of volume, these babies’ come in super yummy fragrances too! Today I have chosen my top 3 Batiste dry shampoo fragrances to chat about with you guys.

Up first, we have the Coconut & Exotic Tropical Fragrance. Sounds islandy, right? And yes, this totally smells like a holiday in a can! My favourite part (besides the smell) is the super cute packaging. Flamingos, palm trees and tropical leaves are all spread out over a bright yellow background. FYI – we all know that yellow is a happy colour, so you can only imagine how fabulous it leaves you feeling!


Next up is the Floral and Flirty Blush Fragrance – talk about girl power! I love how fresh and dainty this one smells – and just look at those pink hearts on the bottle! Expect super flowery scents through the snout with whisps of petals and roses. How romantic, but of course, let your hair do the flirting while getting those boys to flock at your feet with such delicious looking locks! You can thank Batiste later!


Lastly, we have the Clean and Classic Original. This one is, well…clean, and yes…classic. It has a fresh powdery scent and is, well…an original too!  One of my favourite things about Batiste is that their products are vegan and totally cruelty free! How delightful!



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Happy entering, Beautiful Betty’s!!

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Hello all you Beautiful Betty’s!

Are any of you Hairy Harriet’s walking around with the DRIEST of dry hair and the most brittle and frittle of locks? Quite frankly this more than unacceptable and a complete and utter public disaster! How dare it even be an option to be put through SUCH devastation?

I have been through this stage of unhappy noggin strands and let me just say, DON’T FRET, I have discovered the miracle cure, LITERALLY.

Believe it or not, there IS a tub of resuscitation out there! This discovery goes by the name of Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repair Rescue. Basically, in English this tub of magic will turn that furious fur into the most luscious of locks. You’ll be the Happiest Hannah frolicking about with the most gorgeous of strands!

Schwarzkopf siblings!

My Schwarzkopf siblings!

My hairdresser was kind enough to advise me to only use this product every 3 days or so, but I obviously took full advantage of the situation and disobeyed such instructions. Instead, I thought I’d be a Clever Trevor and use it as a conditioner whenever my fur needed a bath. Having used it more than recommended, I had the most amazing results and the softest hair! There’s absolutely no build up after some time of use and you literally feel as though you are a walking Pantene advert! How fabulous!

The formula is thick and creamy, and not much is needed to spread from the mid lengths to the tips of your hair. After that, it is advised to be a Patient Percy and wait 5-10 minutes before rinsing. After that, your fur will be the  Softest Sally around!

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue. R305

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue. R305

This treatment retails for R305 at most hairdressing salons and has honestly been the biggest MIRACLE to my mop of fur.

Another Fabulous Franny idea for dry ends is to use my other discovery of Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle (retails for R290) as a finishing product to the tips. Apply a small dollop to the tips of your hair after styling and VVVVWALAH, you are the Fiercest Fiona in town!



Where are all my Biotin Betty’s at?

Alrighty my Beautiful Betty’s, let us all try our best to not invest in a Pinocchio sized snout and be as straight up and honest about the fact that WE ALL WANT GORGEOUS NAILS, SKIN AND HAIR! I mean, why would we not, if such possibility is even an option?

An option? Why yes, young las, you read correctly! My latest “Diva Discovery” is non other than a vital vitamin, Biotin (SOLGAR brand). What is this you may ask? Well basically this is a capsuled product of Vitamin B.

One capsule a day is sure to get those locks looking as luscious as ever in no time. Nails and skin are also on the beneficial list. How fabulous, right?

I will be uploading my before and after (6 month trial period) results of these hair, skin and nail benefits.

In one bottle you’ll find 50 1000mg capsules, VEGAN ofcourse – wheat, dairy and gluten free. Could this product actually just get any better?  At the moment, a bottle of such gloriousness retails for R80.00 at health shops. Quite a bargain, considering you only need to gulp down one a day.

Go on you Gorgeous Gretel’s, let us get our Biotin on!

Biotin post 1