There’s no doubt that us girls LOVE a 2 for 1 special when it comes to all things beauty related, right? I don’t know about you, but I seriously question my life decisions when I even CONTEMPLATE saying “no” to bargains of that kind.

Since it is Valentines day, why not show your skin some love before trying any special make-up looks for your dinner date tonight? Happy skin means a happy YOU and after all, 3 for 1 is the new thing! Yes, 2 for 1 is so last season!


The Garnier Pure Active range boasts a fabulous little invention that is bound to knock your socks off and put all those little blemishes to bed.

This is not your average face product – think ONE product and THREE different ways to use it. Basically, it can be used as a face wash, scrub or mask – take your pick, Fancy Nancy! In my opinion, this is the absolute HOLIEST of holy grails when it comes to a “multiple use” product!

I don’t know if you can tell, but my personal favourite is the mask!


It is packed with all sorts of terrific ingredients that help unclog your pores and even out your skin tone.The 3 in 1 is formulated with pumice beads which is a natural exfoliant as well as white clay which softens and mattifys the skin.

I’d suggest adding this product to your daily skincare regime by using it as a face wash or scrub, or as a mask 2-3 times a week.


My favourite thing about using this as a mask is that it’s super quick and easy.

Follow my 4 easy steps for a face mask quickie:

Step 1: Apply onto your face (while dry),

Step 2: Leave for 3 minutes

Step 3: Rinse off!

Step 4: And VWWWAALLAAAAH!!! You are now ready to frolic about like a Fresh Faced Fiona!

If the face mask doesn’t tickle your pickle, use it as a gentle face wash in the mornings for an extra fresh kickstart or in the evenings as a scrub to eliminate all grimy oils from the day, but always remember to use a good moisturiser! Moisturising is key, ladies!


Be sure to get your hands on this at Clicks for R101.95.  I guarantee you’ll be left feeling like a minty fresh daisy!

Always remember to use a good moisturizer after any face cleansing. My favourite one at the moment is the Garnier Matte Control Anti Shine Moisturiser (What a mouthful!).


Have you tried this product before? Which way is your favourite way to use it?

Until next time,




Hello all you Fabulous Flopsy’s!!!

How many of you have struggled to find the perfect face wash?

I thought I would share my success in finding the best and MOST glorious one of them all. This discovery has been long overdue and there’s nothing quite like having a happy face bath.

My spiffy find is none other than Bioderma Sebium Purifying cleansing foaming gel. Having struggled with very naughty skin over the years, my dermatologist recommended this bottle of joy a few months back and I must say, it has become my holiest of holy grails in terms of skincare products.

200ml Bioderma Sebium Purifying cleansing gel posing for pictures!

200ml Bioderma Sebium Purifying cleansing gel posing for pictures!

First things first, there is NOTHING more inconvenient than unintentionally baptising yourself as a result of a non friendly squeezy bottle! Not only does it mess everywhere, but products are precious and we don’t like to waste, of course! For this exact reason, I am happy to say that Bioderma sports itself in an easy to use pump bottle which just makes life so much better and spillage free. Bonus!

The formula of this product is of a water based nature and does not suck the life and moisture out of one’s face. Very important and VERY considerate, if you ask me! This face wash is a purifying cleansing foaming gel and even sports a bit of funk, being it a light blue coloured liquid. There is also a very subtle scent of a minty cleanliness hidden within the fabulosity of this gem and is of course an ANIMAL FRIENDLY product!

What’s even better is that I sometimes use this as a makeup remover too (how sneaky am I). This face wash definitely does not fall short of getting rid of a face full of make-up, but also leaves you feeling super refreshed. Another point which I MUST share with you is that the build up of general facial oil during the day seems to be on the calmer side of life too, since using this product, so consider that issue semi – extinct! One pump in the mornings and evenings will leave you with the jolliest skin and the happiest of happy faces.

One 200ml bottle of Bioderma retails for R195 which lasts me about 3 months, using it twice a day. You’ll find this purifying cleansing gel wash hiding in Clicks and Dischem or at your local dermatologist.

Although this is a higher end face wash range, it is honestly worth every penny and should definitely be added to your family of skincare products. Disappointment is not even part of ones vocabulary when this product is a part of a happy face bath!