Alright Ladies, let’s get our party pants on! Its time celebrate my most favourite of FAVOURITE discoveries! I’m sure you are all familiar with the efforts of self tan, but have you learnt how to master such fabulousness? Never mind that, have you managed to find the correct product?? You know, the type that doesn’t leave you looking like a streaky Oompah Loompah? Orange Oompah Loompah to be exact!



Let us clear the air before we get started. First things first: Are there REALLY any valid reasons as to why one would not want to sport a beautifully bronzed bod, ALL year round? Yip, that’s right . I’m on the same page as you – absolutely no valid reasons what so ever!!


Well, I’m glad that’s settled. I guess we can get started then, shall we?

Can you guess which self tan product is my absolute favourite? One that is totally local, but tropical at the same? Think coconuts, palm trees, soft sand and an ocean breeze. Yip, you’ve guessed it: CARIBBEAN TAN!!


The Caribbean Tan range!!!!

I absolutely love this product! It’s safe to say that I have been a religious user of this professional self tanning agent through all seasons, moods, boyfriends and life decisions. And might I just add emphasis on the word PROFESSIONAL!!

We all know that feeling, when you’re not quite satisfied with looking like a carrot, when a self tanning adventure goes a little South, but luckily for you ( and I), and ALL the Oompah Loompah’s of the land, that situation will not be revisited when using this self tanning range.

A self-tanning product that doesn’t make you orange?

Why YES young Lass, you’ve read correctly!!!


Basically, this range works on an A, B and C level. All you need to do when frolicking about down that self-tanning isle is to simply match your natural skin tone colour (preferably the inner arm) to either of the letters on the box. This will then guide you in selecting the most suitable colour to use! Good heavens, what a useful little box!


1, 2 ,3 , its as easy as A, B, C!!!!

With Caribbean Tan, there are also so many choices and options which is of course, FABULOUS news for all those little Indecisive Ingrid’s out there!  Basically, Caribbean Tan can be found in either an “Instant” or “Gradual” range.


The Instant selection looking rather dashing!

Both Instant and gradual formulas can be found in an aerosol can or one could simply give the gradual bronzing mouse a try, as well as the Instant Tanning Spritzer, all which develop within 8 hours. Like I said, the choice is YOURS!


Oh, just look at the Gradual selection posing for pictures!!

To avoid all possible tan-trums, one should ALWAYS exfoliate before self tanning, I mean, it’s just basic etiquette in the land of self tan. Come on now; let us not insult the bronzing Gods! AFTER exfoliation, one is ready to spray, spritz or mousse it up! Another great thing AND guarantee is that you’ll be totally smitten with the mitten while applying that self tan. I mean who doesn’t like a helping hand?

After applying the desired amount of product, you’ll find yourself doing the penguin walk until all bodily limbs have dried (Approximately 8-10 minutes). Yes, self-tan is all fun and games, but totally worth it!

I picked up my very own self tanning whiz at Clicks for R99.00, so be sure to get yours too.

Caribbean Tan 2

Oh look!!! It’s my Caribbean Tan and I!!!

Well, there you have it! A reason to put your party pants on and take a moment to appreciate the TAN IN A CAN, because whoever is in charge of the bronzed gods has CLEARLY got it going on! And let’s be honest, our skin will thank us for faking, rather than baking!

Stay tuned to find out my secrets about prolonging my all year round Summers glow.

Until next time,





P.S click on the link below to enter the Caribbean Tan Model search for 2016. Entries close at the end of May 2016.

Carribbean Tan press release image


Carribbean Tan press release image

Hello all you Beautiful Betty’s!!

I know Summer has come, is still here, and MIGHT be on it’s way out soon, but that doesn’t mean that your tantalizing Summer glow needs to go into hibernation too, does it?

I for one am a super huge fan of self tan, especially since it aids in not having to spend those ghastly long hours sitting about in the sun. You know, those hours of waiting around in scorching hot weather, investigating and checking in every half hour to see if you’re a shade darker or not. Yes, those are the fun times of a general Summers  day.



Lets not lie to ourselves, Ladies – gorgeously Summer kissed skin makes us all feel THAT MUCH more attractive, radiant and MIRACULOUSLY makes us look a few pounds slimmer!

And to think that we can achieve all of this through a little push down nozzle from a spray can? Why, yes that’s right, the infamous TAN IN A CAN can be your absolute best friend all year round. How fabulous!

I have some rather exciting news to share with all of you Fabulous Franny’s! Not only can you be sugary & brown throughout Winter, you could also be the NEXT face of Caribbean Tan!!

The only requirements are for you to be:

  • Female
  • Have glowing skin
  • Photogenic
  • Bronzed Bod (hello, how easy is this step)
  • And be between the ages of 14-35

How to enter: Purchase your favourite Caribbean Tan product within the competition entry dates, complete the online entry form and upload 3 images ( 2 of yourself rocking that bronzed bod & one of your till slip)

Sounds easy enough, right? Scroll down to see more about Caribbean Tan’s Model search for 2016!!


Competition entries close on the 31 May 2016 – what are you waiting for, get those entries in!!

Mycaila- Jade