I am open to working with a company or a brand to review products/items or offer giveaways. If you would like to contact me regarding this then please feel free to find my various details on my  Contact Info page. I absolutely love receiving blogger drops, press releases and invites, within accordance to my blog content. A guaranteed honest and non biased opinion will be stated as a sole reflection of my own experience.

Unless other wise stated, I am the sole legal copyright holder to all content on this page and none of it may be used without written consent.

All information and personal opinion is for interest and entertainment sake only. Any information or advice taken is taken at your own risk. Prices and availability of items were all correct at the time of being published and purchased.

Any advice/video tutorials of exercise and fitness/ beauty and lifestyle tips relate to my own experiences while doing so. Viewers who attempt any advice seen on my blog need to acknowledge doing so at their own risk.

COMPETITIONS: Unless otherwise stated, all prizes will have been purchased with my own capital. If not, i will make every effort to ensure a statement of recognition to be made out to the specified company/ product/ brand.

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