If seafood tickles your pickle, and you love a good selection of wines when you dine, then the new Firefish restaurant is the place to be this summer! Recently launched in the heart of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, overlooking the harbour and with a backdrop of the ICONIC Table Mountain, this little gem has the atmosphere of an absolute Summers day bliss! And if dinner is more of a winner, then it is the perfect place to watch the sun go down, sippin’ on speciality cocktails while gazing into a canvas of the lit-up city lights. Think cosmopolitan living! Location, location, location is all I can say!

Crisp and fresh, Iona for the girls!

Now – let’s get to the good part. THE MENU!

Firefish have some sea-riously delicious menu picks. With enough choice, and a bite for everyone to enjoy, you can expect the widest selection, from seafood to land food, and even a special place on the menu for the vegetarians – you don’t see that everyday – yay! Did I mention the overflowing sushi selection, fresh from the ocean?

I had the absolute pleasure of tasting a few of the picks on the menu. A friend and I started the night off with a glass of cold and crisp Iona Sav Blanc. Super refreshing and ice cold to the pallet. That’s what Summers about, right?

We were then presented with freshly baked bread and butter to nibble on while we decided what to have for dinner. Of course, being a seafood lover, I just HAD to try the first thing that jumped out at me (besides the sushi) – crispy PRAWNS with garlic, lemon and Sichuan! These were delicious, but my absolute favourite of the starters that we ordered was the Tuna Tartar.

To start menu – crispy prawns with garlic, confit lemon, and Sichuan

MY, OH MY! I literally do not have words to describe the absolute beauty of what I tasted. It was like heaven on a fork – seriously! An avocado base with a tower of seared tuna, crispy shallots and the most delectable soy lime dressing. That experience in itself was just utter mouth-watering perfection! With an intro so delicious, it only made sense to order from the sushi menu – and that we did!

To start menu – Tuna tartar with avocado, crispy shallots and sesame soy lime dressing

We started off with the classics – because HEY, you can never go wrong with those, and boy were we right! The Salmon California Roll and Salmon Roses were up first. They were superb! One thing that really stuck out to me was the generous portion sizes. 8 pieces per order, except for the 3-piece Salmon Roses. One things for sure about those – they had me at Japanese mayo!

Sushi roses menu – salmon, avocado and Japanese mayo

The Signature sushi plates were up next, one of my favourites – The Ultra Phili roll. Think salmon, avocado and Philadelphia cream cheese all wrapped into one, and you have a winner!

Sushi Signatures menu – Ultra Phili with salmon, Philadelphia cream cheese and avocado

Something different, which I have never had before in the land of sushi is the Sushirito. Tempura prawn, avocado, Unagi, drizzled in spicy Japanese Mayo, for a delicate kick. Pair this with some pickled ginger, with a dunk of soya sauce, and you might just find yourself in heaven!

Sushi Signature menu – Sushirito with tempura prawn, avocado, spicy Japanese mayo and unagi

With everything being as delectable as it was, one of my favourites, was the much-anticipated sushi DONUT! Yes, you read that correctly. The sushi donut has made its way into town!

All the treats, without the sweets. This way, dessert lovers can still get away with not ordering off the sweet list. Shaped like a donut, and draped in salmon and avocado, with a sprinkle of salmon roe and sesame seeds, this was a super delicious way to end the night. Be prepared to eat this one with your hands. This donut has a way of getting down ‘n dirty.

Sushi signatures menu – Sushi Donut with salmon, avocado, salmon roe, sesame seeds and Japanese mayo

Although the “Happy Ending” menu has much to offer, from spiced carrot cake, cotton cheesecake to chocolate macaroon pie, we couldn’t possibly indulge in anymore deliciousness for one night. Don’t worry though, I have promised myself to pop down for coffee and a dessert of sorts to make up for it. I cannot tell you how excited I am to go back and enjoy this!

Admiring the view!

All in all, Firefish is an absolutely cracking restaurant! This is the perfect place to be this summer. A delectable menu, nested amongst the bustle of the Waterfront, with excellent friendly service and some sea-reously fresh food. It’s the PERFECT way to get the Summer time feels going! And yes, their fish is on fire!

Until next time,





It’s not every day that you fall in love with a Scotsman who you’ve met in your home country on a wild night out.

It’s also not every day that you two quit your jobs and make plans to travel overseas together after dating for only THREE months.

And it CERTAINLY is not every day that you happen to find out 3 weeks after arriving in Scotland together that there’s a baby on the way!

It is however every day, that families are split apart by visas.

And it is also every day that all the plans that you two have together get put on hold while temporary plans are made, knowing that many months will be spent apart.

I am not complaining about this, I am simply stating facts about our little friend called “life”.  Life is weird. Life is unpredictable. It is also happy and sometimes it can be sad. Life can be fair and of course, something that the boyfriend and I are experiencing now – life can be pretty damn unfair at times. But alas, with life, we learn how to deal. Whether you’re dealing together or apart, you still just deal.

Smiles and flaring nostrils in Windsor!

When leaving Scotland to come home to South Africa to apply for my next visa, my other half and I said our goodbyes to each other. Trying to brighten a sad moment between ourselves, we kept saying that it’s “not for long” and that “I’d be back soon”, but of course there were tears. Airports can be such happy places, but also such sad ones too.

We already knew that it was a risk for me to be flying back to South Africa because of how far along I was in my pregnancy at the time, not knowing how long my next visa could take to be approved or not. The fact that the visa that I was currently on was the incorrect one to begin with wasn’t really working in our favour either, but we were only trying to fix our visa agency’s mistake.  We had 4 weeks to get my next visa sorted. This would take us to my last week of pregnancy where I would still be allowed to fly back on the airplane. We had everything planned and I flew home with all of our visa documents.

Fooling around at Loch Lomond Shores!

Those 4 weeks turned into 6 months. Yes, SIX whole months – for reasons that I choose to not explain, but let’s just say that we weren’t dealing with the brightest cookie in the jar via the visa agency.

Over the next 3 months, my other half will be missing out on my growing tummy – our growing tummy. He will be missing out on feeling our baby’s kicks, and watching our baby grow. He won’t be here for our baby scans, or be able to listen to our baby’s heartbeat at the check-ups.

Over the next 6 months, there will be no more night time cuddles or Sunday morning breakfasts together. He’ll have to start making his own packed lunches for work and doing his own laundry (always a huge deal for men). I won’t be there to welcome him home after a long day at work or spend our usual nights cooking dinner together in our kitchen.

A day of exploring in Edinburgh!

We have started our life together in Scotland. We have our own home. Our own space. Our own routine and independence.

We had it all planned that we would be having our baby in the UK. We had been going to regular midwife appointments and had met the lady who would be delivering our baby. Everything was comfortable and we had everything figured out.

It’s been a week since we have found out that we will be apart and things have settled. We have had to move forward from what we cannot change. We have had to re plan the birth of our baby, which will now be taking place in Cape Town and my other half has now planned to work plenty of over time to make up for the cost of us having to live double lives and to earn enough leave days to fly to Cape Town for the birth of our baby.

Our first rugby game together in Scotland!

There is a silver lining to every situation. One thing that we both need to remember is that this is all temporary and will be fixed with something more permanent. What I am learning is that there is no amount of distance that will keep us apart. There are always risks with the things that we do, and while living our little friend called “life”, these risks taken can sometimes have unpredictable consequences.

In “life”, regardless of the situation, with every challenge thrown our way, we always need to try our best to be positive and look at the situation from all angles. We are handed situations for a reason, but we just haven’t quite figured this one out yet.

Not only will this make us even stronger than what we are, this will also make us appreciate the time that we do actually spend together. At the end of the day, this is also a small sacrifice for a much bigger picture of our hopes and plans for our family.

Wintery mornings in London together!

P.S We have since gone with a new visa agency who we have full confidence in helping us going forward!

Until the next life update,




Today we are stepping away from all things make up, beauty and recipe related and making a splash in the world of fashion when it comes to the Wintery weather.

These ponchos come in a super cutesy pouch bag – how fabulous!

Although born into scorching hot weather of sunshine and beaches, I am secretly (and totally proud to be) a Winter baby!

Since living in the UK, we tend to find ourselves frolicking about in more raindrops than rays of sunshine, and if there’s one thing that I have learnt from the Brits’, it’s that the rain never stops you from doing what you’ve  gotta do!

If you’re anything like me and always forget to pack your umbrella into your bag, then my November Rain Lifestyle secret is totally for you!

This is a super stylish poncho raincoat that keeps you dry during those unexpected showers. My favourite part is that it fits all snuggly into its own pouchy bag that can be kept in the car, in  your handbag or even in your backpack. There’s no reason to not be a prepared Petra with this darling little raincoat at hand.

Super spacious for tons of movement!

These ponchos are so incredibly comfortable and warm and allow lots of room for movement with its sophisticated and practical design. They’re super easy to slip over your outfit or even your jacket. One thing that I am absolutely LOVING about this poncho is the fact that it allows PLENTY of room for my 5 month growing baby bump. This totally tickles my pickle, because we all know how often our wardrobes need replacing when we’re expecting.

This design is the Oriental Bird design – my favourite!

These ponchos come in different patterns and trendy colours too which give them that extra bit of sass, not to mention the flattering design that has a longer stretch at the back to cover your bottom. The hood is also detachable and super spacious, which doesn’t leave you with hair being tugged from behind – bonus! If you’re worried about squishing your head through the poncho, fear not! There’s a super “easy to use” full length heavy duty zipper for easy access, which totally makes life easier, doesn’t it?

What a spacious little hood we have here!

November Rain Ponchos are made from a superb quality Satin Polyester and have a waterproof backing to avoid all wetness and the possibility of looking like a drowned rat – which is never a good look to be sporting around.

Not only do these ponchos flaunt style and dryness of course, but they also fund their own Giving Back project, which means that 10% of all revenue is donated each quarter to various water related projects. These include the Water culture project in Northern Thailand which has allowed the company to feed 100 children continuously every year due to the growing of crops. What a fabulous project, if you ask me! Find out more here.

HOT FASHION TIP: Pair your poncho with a bright pair of wellies for a funky daytime look or show off your waterproof style at your weekend festival, sporting events, theme parks or pretty much wherever the rain drops take you.

If you fancy putting one of these to the test, be sure to order yours for £49 here .

Style: Longer back & shorter front. Love it!

Until next time,

Mycaila – Jade



Last night I had the absolute pleasure of meeting someone who I have spent many hours sweating with (through an E-book). Someone who I totally admire and whose positivity about how women should treat each other in a kind way reflects through her social media accounts. This wonderful Betty puts body shaming to an end and promotes a happy, healthy and motivated you. This my fellow Sweaty Bettys, is none other than Kayla Itsines!


A look at a delicious recipe in Kayla’s new book

Through these workouts, Kayla has made me question so many things while absolutely gasping for what has felt like my last few breaths of air. Her workouts KILL!

I find myself making a mental promise to ‘never eat another chocolate again” or to “steer clear of those deep fried haloumi cheese fingers” (O.M.G, they’re the best!), but truth be told, we are all human, and we are all going to be a piggly wink at some point of our lives. And although this is true, something that I find so relatable to Kayla is that life is all about balance. So with that, I take it that it’s okay to treat yourself to a Gelato on a Sunday after sweating through your weekly BBG workout routine, don’t you?


A look at a delicious recipe in Kayla’s new book

Besides the phenomenal workouts, when I met Kayla, I found her to be such a genuine person and had such a caring warmth to her. Even better, Kayla actually took the time to give us each a hug hello, asked us how we were and let us ask her questions if we wanted. Besides being in awe of the person in front of me, I got a little compliment from her, saying that she loved my outfit – how fab, right?

I managed to ask Kayla 2 questions, one of which I think MANY OF YOU would probably appreciate:

  • Me: How do you pronounce your surname?

Kayla: (laughs) It’s pronounced It-seen-ess, like it’s seen and then you add an ess to the end…

FINALLY, the heavens above had answered my prayers of confusion in the land of pronunciation! So yes, IT-SEEN-ESS, ladies!

  • Me: Do you have a cheat meal, and what’s your favourite one?

Kayla: OFCOURSE!! I love my cheat meals! Pizzas and burgers do the trick!

There you go ladies; my fitness idol eats pizza! Life goals have been made!


Myself and Kayla

Last night was really an experience that I’ll keep forever, knowing that Kayla really is everything she puts out on her social media platforms, not only being one of the most inspirational fitness persona of the century, but also focuses on women empowering each other, not tearing each other down, which is so important in today’s day and age. She is kind, genuine and is helping millions of girls around the world to meet their ideal fitness, lifestyles and health goals through her eating and exercise programs.

Her latest invention that has been released is her new 28 Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide, which is jam packed with a 28 day plan of scrumptious recipes, a 28 day beginners workout guide, a bit of insight into who Kayla actually is, and how she empowers you to becoming healthy, confident & strong.


The 28 Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide

This woman really is an inspiration, AND she eats pizza! What more could a girl want in a personal trainer?

Until next time,

Mycaila – Jade



Being the single one? Good heavens, this could leave you questioning life, your existence and what it is you’re ACTUALLY doing on this planet. Who am I? What’s my name? Who are my friends? What am I having for lunch? Why do I want this for lunch? Why are there so many decisions in life? And my absolute favourite: What am I doing with my life?

Don’t worry, I find myself asking these questions a few times a day, and quite frankly, I don’t really have an answer.

And then, the most asked question by other people: So why are you single?

And something we probably all find ourselves thinking is: Hmmm, because no one will date me, maybe?

Because we don’t really have an answer to that one either. What a clueless bunch of Dipsy’s we are!


Or maybe we are single because we haven’t quite fallen in love with ourselves yet, but then again, I know that you know that we know of people, who know people who are in relationships, that aren’t quite happy with themselves to begin with. So what is it, Universe? How exactly is it meant to go? Do we REALLY need to love ourselves to find someone to love us too? What a confusing world we live in!

Let’s start with the basics: Being single can be so much fun. Well, at least people make it out to be that way.

When we are single, we are seen as free. Free to go out, do what we want. We are allowed to hook up with whoever we’d like, flirt with anyone and everyone, party, grab people’s numbers (and their asses?), chat, meet up, flirt some more, and so it goes on. Like I said, when we are single, we are free. Free to do whoever and whatever we like. We aren’t owned by anyone. We are our own.

Being the single Pringle out of your group of friends can be a challenge to say the least.

We might find ourselves faced with two different groups of friends, during our stay in SingleVille. Firstly, we have the ones who include the single friends. You guys are the absolute gems – the pearlers in life!! Quite frankly, you’re on the same level of importance as a glass of wine is after a disgusting day at work. Noddy badge to you, all the way!

Then we have the ones who don’t include the singletons.

It’s almost as though they’re too smitten to see past the infatuation of their significant other. When you’re in a relationship, one starts mixing with their other half’s friends. You start going out with them, building other friendships with their friends, their families, maybe even their work partners, whoever it may be. This seems to become a routine. A routine so stuck, that one almost becomes oblivious to the other people around them, nevermind the old friendships that are being excluded.

Go out there and be THE BEST single pringle that you can be!!!

Go out there and be THE BEST single pringle that you can be!!!

When you have realised that pretty much all your friends are in relationships, except you, you might find yourself feeling alone. You might want to go out there with the confidence of a bull and make new friends, but that MIGHT be difficult if you don’t have friends to go out with when every Tom, Dick and Harry are in a relationship.

Being the single one can either break you, or make you, as cliché as it sounds. It can break you emotionally in the sense that you might find yourself feeling alone, needy, or simply just missing a “friend”.  Or, the situation could encourage a lonely Leony to put on her big girl panties, get up off the couch and conquer the world, or maybe just the day. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves!!!

Come to think of it, maybe all the occupants in SingleVille haven’t quite finished their stay yet. Maybe they’re comfortable and don’t feel the need to upgrade to the land of the “taken”. Maybe your one way ticket to that destination hasn’t quite arrived because you’re headed in a different direction, or maybe, the timing just isn’t right.

Many of us wonder why we are the single one’s, but don’t realise that there is a reason. A reason so far beyond what we are capable of understanding. You see, the universe works in mysterious ways. She speaks a language of her own. A language that we simply do not understand. We can try, but we will not understand.

If you are the single one out of your friends, it’s okay. We need to realise that whatever happens, whoever we meet and whatever we do, is meant to be that way. If we lose friends through their relationships, it’s okay. If we gain friends through not being in a relationship, that too, is okay.

Don’t be THAT twit that goes day to day in search of Mr Yes, Mr No or Mr Maybe.

Realise that you are the perfect one for yourself right now. You tick all of your own boxes. In fact, you tick them better than what anyone else ever can.

And that’s not so bad now, is it?

Oh look!!! Single ladies with a SMILE...imagine that!

Oh look!!! Single ladies with a SMILE…imagine that!


What’s it like to be 22 you ask? Well, good heavens, the early twenties are in fact mortifyingly confusing!!!

First things first, when you are of such an age, one doesn’t quite know if they’re in fact Arthur or Martha, Harry or Sally, or POSSIBLY even Mandy or Randy!! I mean which name does one even respond to when not knowing? My point is that we don’t exactly know who we are yet. We can be whoever we want to be, we can respond to whichever name we want to respond to and we can certainly put on our Brave Brenda Booties, invite Inquisitive Ingrid to the party and give them all a good try for that matter. That is until we figure it out…

Just a bunch of 22 year olds being weird!!!

Just a bunch of 22 year olds being weird!!!

With that being said, being 22 has a way of making you feel as though you are meant to have your life together, which is basically impossible, considering we barely even know our own names! At the moment, my logic of thought goes something along the lines of “I’m almost 23, which is so close to 25, which is BASICALLY a ¼ of a century and pretty much means that I’m almost 30 and should have my life together by now. I should be successful, know what I want out of life, be on the right track and possibly even be on the lookout for the right guy to eventually settle down and be jolly with.

Truth is, at 22, we are only just pipsqueaks. Pipsqueaks without a name to be exact. We are confused, don’t know who we are yet and are still trying to figure out what it is that we want out of life. We may think that we know, but we in fact probably don’t.

We like to be a Groovy Gretel at times too!!!

We like to be  Groovy Gretel’s at times too!!!

At 22, we are faced with MANY different challenges. For one, we are learning that we actually DON’T know everything. We start to notice who our real friends are. We realise that our time and our days are more limited than before, and become wiser with deciding who is worth spending our time and energy on. We also find ourselves letting go of high school friendships that no longer serve us. We no longer sweat the small things and learn that it’s simply OKAY to let go. We teach ourselves how to invest time in meaningful relationships with family and friends. We begin to understand the meaning of support. We learn how to support. We learn that it is okay to take and we learn the importance of giving.

We are all TRYING to be adults, yet don’t quite know how. 22 is a year of becoming a little more selfish in doing things that make you a lot happier, rather than others. We begin to want our own space. Our own places to live. We want to leave the nest. We realise that there’s a lot more to life than the valley and the place that we have grown up in. We realise that we do in fact have wings. We are learning how to spread them. We want to be free. We want to explore. Majority of us want to travel. But we also want to get our lives on track and start building a career.

Oh look!!! The weirdo's are back!!

Oh look!!! The weirdo’s are back!!

We test and push past the limitations of boundaries. This is how we learn. We learn the importance of decision making and the consequences of making the wrong ones. With every decision we make, we learn something, whether it be good or bad. We give the people in our lives many chances, but also take plenty. Every action we take allows us to slowly morph ourselves into who we truly are, but don’t realise it.

We become influenced by the people who we surround ourselves with, but are still trying to figure out WHO exactly forms part of our “favourable crowd”. The truth is, we don’t know where exactly we fit in just yet.

You see, being 22, is in fact the year of the “terrible 2’s”, rather than the preferable well known age of toddlers. Being 22 is the year of opening up doors and learning whether to knock on them politely, or bulldoze them down.

22 is a year of sacrifice. We now know the importance of paying our own bills. We understand more now than ever what it’s like to work for what you have. We learn to FINALLY take the advice we have ignored over and over again, because we have realised that we are in fact growing up. We are all becoming adults.

We learn the value of money. We begin to understand that things don’t just fall onto your plate as they did in high school. We are no longer spoon fed. We are taught that time and effort in a job goes a long way, and results in small jumps of success and rewards. We are all trying to find a way to establish ourselves. We don’t know how, but we are trying.

We learn to teach ourselves the meaning of patience. We invest our time and energy on more meaningful situations. We no longer feel the need to impress the people around us, because we are who we are.

We become more comfortable in our own skin. We accept that we might not actually be a size 2, but rather embrace the fact that we are a comfortable size 10. Who actually cares anyway? We realise that looks aren’t everything. We feel okay to face the world without any make up on. We aren’t embarrassed. We are who we are, remember.

We realise the importance of no longer running after people or empty friendships. We realise that running after people is really a waste of time, and doesn’t quite burn a satisfying amount of calories, mentally.

On some days, we even like to pull faces!!

On some days, we even like to pull faces!!

We experience pain and heartache and teach ourselves how to rise above that. We learn that we might grow apart from people or maybe develop different interests. We begin to think less about the perceptions that the outside world may have of us, because we remind ourselves that we are who we are, and that is enough. We learn to understand the meaning of our own self worth. We learn how to start loving ourselves for who we really are (even though we haven’t quite figured that part out yet).

We come to terms with the fact that Taylor Swifts song “22” will inevitably be our life theme song for the year –and  there’s no way around it! We learn that being “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time” is in fact a REAL thing. Our emotions and thoughts are continuously running wild while we try to figure out the real world.

Being 22 can sometimes feel lonely. We don’t know where we fit in. We don’t know who our crowd is. Some days, we don’t even know how we like our coffee, nevermind what we want for breakfast!

We may feel as though we are going through a midlife crisis not knowing all of these things. We may also feel that we are lost, but lost in the right direction. We don’t know where the direction is heading, but that’s part of figuring it all out.

We like to explore and be adventurous!!

We like to explore and be adventurous!!

Some days we like to listen to Selena Gomez, other days, Eminem. Sometimes we like to be lazy and take naps, other days we might feel as though we could conquer Mount Everest. We might like our eggs sunny side up on a Monday, but scrambled on a Friday. You see, we are very unpredictable. We even take ourselves by surprise. This is what it’s like to be 22. Everything is up and down.


And sometimes, we like to just be human and relax!!

And sometimes, we like to just be human and relax!!

Basically, we are all a bunch of headless chickens (spring chickens, to be exact), who are running around in circles of emotion, desire and confusion, but we are none the less individuals filled with passion and ambition. Ambition to be the best that we can be.

For all we know, we could be a Glenda. We could be a Brenda. But all we need to remember is that we are not going through a “midlife crisis”, and that none of us are alone.

If we could get through being 13, 16, and 18, our year of 22 will be an absolute breeze!!





“I’m not ready to be in a fully committed relationship”

“It’s not you, it’s me”

“I’m not ready”

“I need something more”

“We’ve drifted apart”

“I need time”

“I don’t know how to be in a relationship”

“It was a mutual decision”

“You aren’t a rebound”

“My ex and I are back together again, sorry”

I’m sure we have all heard these words before. Maybe you were the one to utter them. Maybe when you were the one who said these words, you truly meant them – at the time. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe when you heard these words, your entire world came crashing down. Maybe you thought you were in love. He was the one. She was my girl. They were the ones.

We cannot commit. We cannot fully be with just one person. We struggle. We struggle to make that person our everything. Our one and only. We constantly want more. We are on a continuous search for something better. Someone better. The best. We have too many choices. Too many options. The choice is ours, but we cannot decide. We think we have, but we really haven’t. We cannot commit. We don’t fully see the point.


We are aware that our options have no limits. We spend our lives chasing after them. We struggle, but we try. We lead filtered lives, with everything at our fingertips. So close, but so far.

We live our lives for likes, comments, shares. We think followers are friends. We swipe right, unmatch, unfriend. We think that our 140 charactered tweets are enough – but it is not.

We have forgotten how to show respect. We have forgotten how to be respected. To be truthful, how to be faithful and loyal. We don’t know the real feeling of safety or security, but instead become accustomed to our insecurities, our lack of self respect, the invisibility of our morals and the non existent levels of our integrity.  All in all, we have forgotten how to love. We want to be loved, but we don’t love ourselves. We don’t know how. We believe “love” to be a like, a comment, a share. But that is not love which we advertise. That is attention. Nothing but attention from our filtered lives. We will always have a wandering eye. An eye for something better.


We allow cheating, swearing at one another, slamming of doors, and shouting. We become the girl who he cheated on her with, the person who swore at the other first, the one who slammed the door. We see it as okay. But it is not. We think we can ‘try again”, “move forward”, “get through it” and “start over”, but we cannot.

We begin to think that we can fix things. We think it is okay to apologise over Whatsapp, an E-mail or an Inbox. But it is not. We think that “trying again” is an apology to one another, because you both finally understand where you went wrong. We tell ourselves that we both deserve a second chance, but we do not. You see, we don’t know the true meaning of love. We want to be a part of it, but we don’t know how.

In the back of our minds, we will constantly wonder if our partners might find someone better than us. Someone who could love them more. A person who could make them feel more beautiful than what we can. Someone who could make them feel worthier than what we are capable of. We fear, so we try harder. We filter even more. Pose more. We pretend. We pretend because we want to seem as “happy” as every other couple out there. We don’t want to fail. We want to fit in.


We forget that behind the “happy” filtered life, behind all the hashtags and likes, we are all just human beings. Human beings that want to love and be loved. Human beings that want to do the best that they can for their significant other. We are human beings that want to be happy and feel appreciated. Without appreciation, we cannot be the best that we can be. We cannot be our full potential. We are all the same, but we struggle to realise.

We are “not ready” to be in a relationship because we have forgotten how to feel. We are taught what love should be like, but forgotten how to feel. We are taught that love is intimacy, but we’ve lost that. Love is passion, understanding, and support. Love is kindness, joy, and respect.

Love is loyalty, but we’ve lost that.

We struggle to open ourselves up to people. We cannot explain how we feel. We cannot seem to find the words that we want to say. We lack communication. We are scared of rejection. We stay with the person who won’t commit to us or go back to the person who once cheated, because it is routine. It is comfort. We might lust for someone else, but we stick with our comfort.

We need to learn how to stop making excuses. We need realise that we only allow what will happen. We are to blame. We need to overcome our fear of rejection and speak out. We need to communicate. Far too often we assume. Assumptions are only part of self communication.

We need to realise that there is more to life than a voicenote, than emoticons, a selfie, a status, or a hashtag. We need to realise that this is not communication. We find comfort in our likes, comments and shares. We think it is support. But it is not.


We should not allow ourselves to be strung along on the side. We should have enough self respect to know that we deserve better. We all deserve the best. We need to communicate. We need face-to-face interactions. To look further than our touch screens and explain what it is that we want from the other person.

We need to realise that we ourselves are enough. We need to learn how to love ourselves. We need to become the masters of our own unconditional love, because without that, we will never truly have each other.

Mycaila – Jade




Right, so today I enjoyed the luxury of sipping on fermented grapes and indulging in the overflowing masses of bottomless cheese, cheese and more cheese at The Fairview Wine Estate in Paarl, Western Cape.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by beautiful scenery and the very distinctive smell of pure goat. Glorious, I know, but the fact that wine was a promise of the near future helped to settle our ever so offended nostrils!

We opted for the “CLASSIC TASTING” experience which allowed 6 different tastings of wines and unlimited face stuffing of cheese. Jolly good start to the day at 11am, if you ask me!

My first tasting was the Fairview Darling Riesling and oh my heavens, was that a delightful choice! This was an off-dry palate with superbly well balanced acidity and had boisterous bursts of sweet melon, litchi and rose water followed by white pepper. I mean honestly now, does the sound of that not make you want to exploit and violate a bottle of such content? This glorious little invention scored a well deserved 9/10 on my winedometer.


The second tasting was the average Fairview Darling Sauvignon Blanc. This wine had limited personality and was a bit dull and boring in comparison to the above 9/10 creation. Apparently this wine carried tropical notes of delectably ripe summer melon and is considered to be youthful and more refreshing as it was relaunched as a member of “The New Vintage” collection of wines. This one got a measly 6/10, but basically just scraped through on my winedometer. So it’s practically a 5, but I sympathetically donated an extra point to the scoreboard just because it was wine. Incredibly generous, I know!

The third tasting was the Fairview Chardonnay which was beautiful and well mannered. This little gem had hints of delicate oak and blossoms which ultimately lead to an elegantly textured palate. A gentle squeeze of citrus made an unexpected appearance too with its one and only partner in crime, soft spices. What a good combo, successfully robbing taste buds of any potentially uninvited flavours experienced beforehand. None the less this glass of magic scored a well-deserved 8/10.


While enjoying the third tasting, we were allowed to evacuate the tasting bar with our glasses, only to make our way down to the cheesiest section of the room.  Goodness me, did this room spoil us or what? Being invited to circulate around such perfection of a selection of cheeses honestly made my heart jolly. First was the classic Feta cheese, then my absolute favourite Brie and Camembert. The next choice was Goats cheese which was surprisingly polite enough not to offend my nostrils, only my taste buds. SLIGHT improvement! Roquefort was next on the list with its mighty little friend, Blue Cheese. After those two we had 3 choices of White Rock Cheese with granadilla, caramel and mango and ginger. The last three were such a privilege.

After being a complete oinker at the cheese bar, we made our way back to our lovely lady Tessa who poured us our fourth tasting, This one was La Capra Rose which was quite a surprise, considering I wasn’t expecting to experience goat in my mouth. Previous flavours of  Goats Cheese had been ignited from the Rose, unfortunately. To say the least, I genuinely questioned life at this point in time as I am not a fan of the goaty flavourings. This one got an offensive 5/10, but I am sure my partly over exposed taste buds were to blame for this one, and not the actual Rose itself.


After recovering, I went in as confident as ever with my fifth tasting which was the Fairview Viognier. What a beautiful and delightfully non traumatic choice that was! A dominant nose of pear drops and jasmine blossom create mounts of fresh flavours while a rich creamy palate and gentle oaking sure was delectable, scoring a 7/10.

My sixth choice was none other than a replay of my first one, Fairview Darling Riesling. Why would one not want to relive a few mouthfuls of perfection?

All in all, it was an incredibly fun day. Wine tasting is always set to provide good vibes and lots of fun and laughter. I’ll be sure to make another appearance at The Fairview Wine Estate.


IMG_20150712_115006IMG_20150712_113456Mycaila – Jade