Hello there, my fellow sweaty Netty’s and beautiful Betty’s!

I see you’d like to know a little bit more about me. Well, lets begin with all things important; I am a 22 year old Public Relations Student, living and frolicking about in the ”Mother of all City’s” , the most beautiful of them all, Cape Town, South Africa.

I am in love with the constant overflow of  ideas and ever changing aspects of Fashion and Beauty, and try to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Ideally, I would LOVE to aspire to work within the Fashion and Beauty Industry, as the upkeep of constant and ever changing new seasoned styles excite me. I mean, HOW could they not? I’d say I am adventurous, bubbly and spontaneous, but alas, I am ofcourse but a TYPICAL Gemini. These traits include my “oh so witty” comebacks, complete and utter talkativeness, creativity, being a social butterfly of note and ofcourse being a playful little possum. All of these ofcourse serve to stimulate  and entertain the whimsical and curious dynamics of my power to overthink.

Ever had one of those days/years where you wake up and realise that your arse is somewhat TWICE the size of what it was the night, week or year before? If yes, well dont worry, myself and plenty others can relate to that. That being said, I have started this blog to bring about some humour and take you along my fitness journey while trying to obtain a tight tush and killer abs.

While that is under construction, I will be sharing some of my beauty reviews and tips to ignite your outer beautiful Betty. Be sure to check out some of my lifestyle adventures too.

Happy reading to all the gorgeous Gretels out there!

Mycaila – Jade,




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