Last night I had the absolute pleasure of meeting someone who I have spent many hours sweating with (through an E-book). Someone who I totally admire and whose positivity about how women should treat each other in a kind way reflects through her social media accounts. This wonderful Betty puts body shaming to an end and promotes a happy, healthy and motivated you. This my fellow Sweaty Bettys, is none other than Kayla Itsines!


A look at a delicious recipe in Kayla’s new book

Through these workouts, Kayla has made me question so many things while absolutely gasping for what has felt like my last few breaths of air. Her workouts KILL!

I find myself making a mental promise to ‘never eat another chocolate again” or to “steer clear of those deep fried haloumi cheese fingers” (O.M.G, they’re the best!), but truth be told, we are all human, and we are all going to be a piggly wink at some point of our lives. And although this is true, something that I find so relatable to Kayla is that life is all about balance. So with that, I take it that it’s okay to treat yourself to a Gelato on a Sunday after sweating through your weekly BBG workout routine, don’t you?


A look at a delicious recipe in Kayla’s new book

Besides the phenomenal workouts, when I met Kayla, I found her to be such a genuine person and had such a caring warmth to her. Even better, Kayla actually took the time to give us each a hug hello, asked us how we were and let us ask her questions if we wanted. Besides being in awe of the person in front of me, I got a little compliment from her, saying that she loved my outfit – how fab, right?

I managed to ask Kayla 2 questions, one of which I think MANY OF YOU would probably appreciate:

  • Me: How do you pronounce your surname?

Kayla: (laughs) It’s pronounced It-seen-ess, like it’s seen and then you add an ess to the end…

FINALLY, the heavens above had answered my prayers of confusion in the land of pronunciation! So yes, IT-SEEN-ESS, ladies!

  • Me: Do you have a cheat meal, and what’s your favourite one?

Kayla: OFCOURSE!! I love my cheat meals! Pizzas and burgers do the trick!

There you go ladies; my fitness idol eats pizza! Life goals have been made!


Myself and Kayla

Last night was really an experience that I’ll keep forever, knowing that Kayla really is everything she puts out on her social media platforms, not only being one of the most inspirational fitness persona of the century, but also focuses on women empowering each other, not tearing each other down, which is so important in today’s day and age. She is kind, genuine and is helping millions of girls around the world to meet their ideal fitness, lifestyles and health goals through her eating and exercise programs.

Her latest invention that has been released is her new 28 Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide, which is jam packed with a 28 day plan of scrumptious recipes, a 28 day beginners workout guide, a bit of insight into who Kayla actually is, and how she empowers you to becoming healthy, confident & strong.


The 28 Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide

This woman really is an inspiration, AND she eats pizza! What more could a girl want in a personal trainer?

Until next time,

Mycaila – Jade


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