Garnier Micellar Water is STILL one of my absolute favourite products at the moment! Yes, I KNOW, it hit our market ages ago, but when you find a diamond, a girls’ gotta keep it!


We all know that Pure Active Micellar Water is fabulous for having a happy face with its make-up removing and purifying abilities, but why not take these hidden talents of a rather generous 400ml bottle and try them elsewhere, besides ones face.

These are my top 4 other uses for this bottle of bliss:

  • Cleaning/Polishing jewellery

YES! It’s that simple. If you’re going to be wearing jewels out and about, they might as well SPARKLE! Try adding a splash of Micellar Water to a few drops of warm water in an egg holder and let those pearlers soak up some goodness before drying them off. If that doesn’t tickle your pickle, try a few drops on a cotton pad or earbud to really get into those nooks ‘n crannies.



  • Remove make-up on carpets, furniture and clothing

If this magical water can remove make up off your face, it can do the trick on just about any other surface too. Broken blusher or bronzer on your chair? Spilled foundation on your desk? Smudged eye liner on the counter? NO PROBLEM! Let Garnier put Mr Muscle to shame and put those bloopers to rest.



  • Clean your hands

Keep a smaller sized Micellar Water bottle in your bag if you’re on the go and unable to reach water to clean your hands. Simply dash a few drops onto your hands, rub them together and wipe away with a tissue of sorts. And Vwahlah! You’ll have hands a fresh as a cucumber!



  •  Clean your make-up brushes

Micellar water is fantastic for cleaning your make-up brushes and it’s so simple too! Pour some magic water into a cup of sorts. Dip and swirl your brushes into the cup to cover them with the liquid until most of the make-up has been removed. You might need to do 2 rounds of this by refilling the cup, depending on how much product is hiding on your brushes.  Gently pat them on a dark coloured towel for any excess make-up and you’ll be good to go!



Who would’ve thought that ONE face product would have so many other different uses? Not me! That’s for sure. Oh how I just love my Micellar Water!

Do you guys have any other different uses for this wonderful product?

Until next time,




Chocolate and vegan in the same sentence? Say what? Best you believe it because it’s about to happen.

If you are a humble chocolate cake lover, but don’t quite enjoy the calories that come with it, try this easy vegan recipe and enjoy a guilt free slice of spongy goodness.



  • 200g flour
  • 35g raw cocoa
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp baking powder
  • 70g maple syrup
  • 80g apple puree/sauce
  • 50g grated 70% Lindt dark chocolate
  • 1 cup almond milk (Almond breeze)
  • 100ml water
  • coconut oil for greasing



Before beginning with this recipe, make sure you have preheated your oven to 180 degrees Celsius and grease your cake tin with a pinch of coconut oil.

This has got to be the easiest cake recipe to date, so if you’re not quite Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, don’t stress. Let’s just say if I can do it, so can you!

Mix all of the above ingredients together, adding each ingredient slowly, one by one and beat/mix with a hand whisk until all lumps and bumps have disappeared.

After that, simply pour your mixture into your greased tin and bake for 35-40 minutes.



  • 100g chocolate (Lindt 70% dark chocolate)

While your cake is cooling down on a grill rack, break your slab of chocolate into squares and melt in a bowl, over a pot of boiling water. When melted, pour/drizzle over your cake when placed on a serving stand. Add a sprinkle of almonds as a finishing touch and for decoration.

Finally, serve, and ENJOY!


Until next time,




Everybody loves them GREAT BALLS OF BICARB! Yes, you heard me – fizzing balls in our bath is nothing short of the ABSOLUTE bomb!


Lush is one of my all-time favourites when it comes to freshly hand crafted cosmetics. With many different ranges of face, body and hand scrubs to natural shampoos, deodorants, cleansers, soaps, and of course, the most signature of them all – THE LUSH BATH BOMBS!


With a brand as vegetarian as Lush themselves, your skin will not go hungry and will be sure to get those daily vitamins and minerals with these more than fabulous products. Besides being all natural, what stands out to me most, is that Lush ARE 100% CRUELTY FREE and fight against animal testing! And that itself is more bomb than the Dragons egg.

Today I have chosen 5 of my favourite bath bombs to share with you all to see if you are as passionate about having big balls in your bath as I am. Yes, that’s right, Fizzy Lizzy is out to play!



This bomb and I have always had a super close bond. This is a popping candy egg – one that’s laid in the bath (no dragons were harmed). Unlike the scent of baby dragons, this bomb bursts succulent lemon and bergamot, and sheds many layers of creamy, fizz dripping goodness while bubbling away in your bath.



Okay, I know I said that Dragons Egg is my favourite bath bomb, but Sex Bomb might actually be taking that title. These two have been having affairs with my feelings and I’m not too sure which one is my cupid – so for now, this will have to continue being a love triangle! This bombs scent has hints of lemon sherbet, jasmine and Ylang Ylang oils that simply explode into different golden citrusy colours – so get ready for a snap, crackle and POP in your tub!



Be the Beyoncé of your bath time with this bomb. Rhassoul mud – rich in magnesium and calcium, which equals super nourished skin, is one of the main ingredients of this bad boy, with aloe vera extract, sweet wild orange oil and of course, soothing honey. This bomb smells good enough to eat. I could totally sit and snout sniff this ball all day – it’s THAT amazing!



Oh my gosh – where do I begin? This giant ball of fizz is just the bees knees! If you’re needing a refreshment, then it’s totally a good time to ‘Av a hot bath! Lemongrass, rosewood and Bergamot oil make up the nourishing factors of this ball, as well as fresh avocado. Sounds delicious right? If I do say so myself, this totally has me avocuddling my bath water, and so should you!



Yes, this is berry delicious and is one of a kind. Frankincense oil, citric acid and bergamot oil are a few of the fresh ingredients that can be thanked for this mighty fine fizzy sherbet ball.  Blackberry bomb fizzes like something out of a science experiment in the tub and even has a surprise message hidden inside. I love the dark purple colours of this bath bomb.


Whether you’re a Sex Bomb or like to lay Dragons eggs, it’s safe to say that these big balls will wash away the blues and leave you feeling rejuvenated because Lush IS THE BOMB.

Until next time,

Mycaila – Jade



Last night I had the absolute pleasure of meeting someone who I have spent many hours sweating with (through an E-book). Someone who I totally admire and whose positivity about how women should treat each other in a kind way reflects through her social media accounts. This wonderful Betty puts body shaming to an end and promotes a happy, healthy and motivated you. This my fellow Sweaty Bettys, is none other than Kayla Itsines!


A look at a delicious recipe in Kayla’s new book

Through these workouts, Kayla has made me question so many things while absolutely gasping for what has felt like my last few breaths of air. Her workouts KILL!

I find myself making a mental promise to ‘never eat another chocolate again” or to “steer clear of those deep fried haloumi cheese fingers” (O.M.G, they’re the best!), but truth be told, we are all human, and we are all going to be a piggly wink at some point of our lives. And although this is true, something that I find so relatable to Kayla is that life is all about balance. So with that, I take it that it’s okay to treat yourself to a Gelato on a Sunday after sweating through your weekly BBG workout routine, don’t you?


A look at a delicious recipe in Kayla’s new book

Besides the phenomenal workouts, when I met Kayla, I found her to be such a genuine person and had such a caring warmth to her. Even better, Kayla actually took the time to give us each a hug hello, asked us how we were and let us ask her questions if we wanted. Besides being in awe of the person in front of me, I got a little compliment from her, saying that she loved my outfit – how fab, right?

I managed to ask Kayla 2 questions, one of which I think MANY OF YOU would probably appreciate:

  • Me: How do you pronounce your surname?

Kayla: (laughs) It’s pronounced It-seen-ess, like it’s seen and then you add an ess to the end…

FINALLY, the heavens above had answered my prayers of confusion in the land of pronunciation! So yes, IT-SEEN-ESS, ladies!

  • Me: Do you have a cheat meal, and what’s your favourite one?

Kayla: OFCOURSE!! I love my cheat meals! Pizzas and burgers do the trick!

There you go ladies; my fitness idol eats pizza! Life goals have been made!


Myself and Kayla

Last night was really an experience that I’ll keep forever, knowing that Kayla really is everything she puts out on her social media platforms, not only being one of the most inspirational fitness persona of the century, but also focuses on women empowering each other, not tearing each other down, which is so important in today’s day and age. She is kind, genuine and is helping millions of girls around the world to meet their ideal fitness, lifestyles and health goals through her eating and exercise programs.

Her latest invention that has been released is her new 28 Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide, which is jam packed with a 28 day plan of scrumptious recipes, a 28 day beginners workout guide, a bit of insight into who Kayla actually is, and how she empowers you to becoming healthy, confident & strong.


The 28 Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide

This woman really is an inspiration, AND she eats pizza! What more could a girl want in a personal trainer?

Until next time,

Mycaila – Jade



It’s that time again! Time for a new breakfast smoothie – one with plenty of berries to keep you feeling like an Active Annie throughout your day.


What you’ll need:

  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup of raw rolled oats
  • 1 handful of fresh blueberries
  • 1 handful of blackberries
  • 1 handful of frozen berries
  • 2 teaspoons peanut butter
  • a drizzle of honey
  • table spoon of chia seeds
  • table spoon of sunflower seeds
  • 1 cup of ice water
  • a sprinkle of granola (optional)


What you’ll need to do:

Mix all of the above ingredients in a blender/Nutribullet until light and fluffy, but for the love of all the Happy Harriets and a clean kitchen, don’t forget to put the lid on properly!


Once everything has been mixed to your hearts content, pour into a glass of sorts, sprinkle with some granola and enjoy with a cuppa Joe.

smoothie-top-with-granola-1Until next time,