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Hello all you Beautiful Betty’s!!

I know Summer has come, is still here, and MIGHT be on it’s way out soon, but that doesn’t mean that your tantalizing Summer glow needs to go into hibernation too, does it?

I for one am a super huge fan of self tan, especially since it aids in not having to spend those ghastly long hours sitting about in the sun. You know, those hours of waiting around in scorching hot weather, investigating and checking in every half hour to see if you’re a shade darker or not. Yes, those are the fun times of a general Summers  day.



Lets not lie to ourselves, Ladies – gorgeously Summer kissed skin makes us all feel THAT MUCH more attractive, radiant and MIRACULOUSLY makes us look a few pounds slimmer!

And to think that we can achieve all of this through a little push down nozzle from a spray can? Why, yes that’s right, the infamous TAN IN A CAN can be your absolute best friend all year round. How fabulous!

I have some rather exciting news to share with all of you Fabulous Franny’s! Not only can you be sugary & brown throughout Winter, you could also be the NEXT face of Caribbean Tan!!

The only requirements are for you to be:

  • Female
  • Have glowing skin
  • Photogenic
  • Bronzed Bod (hello, how easy is this step)
  • And be between the ages of 14-35

How to enter: Purchase your favourite Caribbean Tan product within the competition entry dates, complete the online entry form and upload 3 images ( 2 of yourself rocking that bronzed bod & one of your till slip)

Sounds easy enough, right? Scroll down to see more about Caribbean Tan’s Model search for 2016!!


Competition entries close on the 31 May 2016 – what are you waiting for, get those entries in!!

Mycaila- Jade


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