Happen to be sporting naughty facial behaviour of permanent redness from old blemishes? (Well, vintage blemishes as I’d like to call them) Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. I do too!! I would consider my face to be a walking Red Riding Hood advert at times. But HEY, suppose we could look at that as an extra bit of “character” if we sport our Positive Percy Pants on along with it, but then again – let’s not be REDiculous!!

I am currently on the prowl to find an anti-red foundation for the situation. The first one that I have tried out has been the Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine Anti-red base. So far, it’s been quite lovely!


Adopt Catrice for R79.95 from your local Dischem store! She promises to be well behaved and will be very happy, I’m sure!!

This anti-red base is basically a green liquid form of foundation. Why would one even dare putting such a colour on the face, you might ask? Well thank heavens Simple Suzie is here to give us an answer: Basically, the colour green happens to cancel out that unfortunate visual of redness. How delightful!

I have been using this product for about a month and a bit, and I must say, I have had to train myself with how much to use. The first time I tried it; I squirted away and applied too much. I found myself looking a little like Shrek and was highly mortified until I began to understand that using a LITTLE goes a LONG way. Basically, a scene from what should’ve been “How to train your Ogre”. Luckily I have since progressed in learning about how much is enough.

The coverage is great but very sheer. You might need to apply a few more layers than just a single one if you want a fuller coverage – but for me, it works.  Id recommend using a concealer brush for application. Although this Prime and Fine neutralizes redness, it DOES leave a green tinge on your skin once blended in, so DEFINITELY needs to be covered up a little extra with a good concealer, but in my opinion, that’s a given.



My advice would be to use a good primer before applying our new best friend (anti-red base) and to then allow time before adding your concealer, followed by an actual foundation and possibly cover-up powder. Good grief, the layers of effort that we go through in order to look human!! Quite ridonculous if you ask me!!


Catrice loves to be center of attention with her Indy Inglot friends on either side. An example of which primer and foundation i pair my anti-red base with.

There are a few shimmer pigments which to me aren’t too visible, but rather provide a “glow” effect. So don’t worry, a face full of glitter really isn’t in the cards.


I found my colour correcting agent at Dischem for R79.95 for 30ml of joy which looks as though it will be lasting for quite a few months. Bargain!

I hope you are REDy to take the leap, grab yours and give it a go. Let me know what you think of this product.

And remember, there IS and should only be ONE Shrek out there. Be sparing and caring when applying this cover-up to those vintage blemishes.

Mycaila-Jade xxx


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