Hello my Beautiful Bettys

Over the weekend, I was a total Naughty Nelly and went on a bit of a shopping spree. In short, I basically bought myself half a new face. What an exciting moment!!!How could you NOT be an Excited Elliot over purchases so worthwhile? I only bought 3 lonely items but oh my word, was it money well spent. Genuine Happy Hannah alert!

My Inglot Family photo!

My Inglot Family photo!

My three miracle make up buys were all from the one and only, Inglot. I adopted their Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation, Inglot Lipstick (colour 224) and Inglot Sleeks Lip Gloss (code 29A). I MIGHT be the slightest Inglot fan, but all within good reason as they don’t test on animals. Goodness gracious, what a friendly company!

The foundation was probably my best buy, I mean hello, this is basically your face in a bottle. Inglot has recently released this fabulous new foundation and as all the adverts and feedback about this product promote, it REALLY IS the bee’s knees!

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation. R399

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation. R399


Coverup is more than mighty and is perfectly thick. It’s as though Inglot understands the struggles of foundation sneakily making an escape and successfully evacuating your face throughout the day. When I say thick though, I don’t mean the “caked face” kind of makeup look, heavens we have moved on from such disastrous times. Basically, this is the perfect formula and coverage for anyone going through the devastation and struggles of possible escapement. Not only that, but the coverage lasts for a solid day. Trust me, I’ve tested such necessities. This bottle of perfection will change your life! The foundation is also water based and prevents excessive shine which DOESN’T leave you feeling like you’ve been dragged through a deep fryer – one should always consider not sporting this look around in the public eye. This foundation retails for R399 in stores for a 35ml bottle. Yes, this is on the higher end of foundation pricing, but it is totally worth every penny, and just makes so much sense to add such dandyness to your everyday life.

Inglot beauty post

Next on the list is an oh so beautiful lippy lipstick. This shade (code 224) obviously understands how manners work, being it not a fully toned nude colour, it is polite enough to have hints of pearly pink. Naked puckers are never attractive. Dress those girls up! I’m almost certain in saying that I don’t think you’d find a lipstick as respectful as this one anywhere else. This colour is honestly a classic one for the books. It’s the perfect combo to pair with bold eyes and retails for R189.00 each.

Inglot 224 lipstick

Inglot Lipstick shade 224. What a Luscious Lucy!! R189

Inglot Lipstick 224

Inglot Lipstick shade 224

My final adoption of the day was the Inglot Sleeks (code 29A), which is a basic plain lip gloss. This is perfect to use on its own or as a top coat to add a fantastically sheer finishing touch. Shiny puckers are never frowned upon!

Inglot Sleeks Lipgoss. R189

Inglot Sleeks Lipgoss. R189

I hope you’ve had a dashing read and that you too have been inspired to purchase half a new face.

Have a gorgeous day, you Dandy Delilah’s!!




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