Where are all my Biotin Betty’s at?

Alrighty my Beautiful Betty’s, let us all try our best to not invest in a Pinocchio sized snout and be as straight up and honest about the fact that WE ALL WANT GORGEOUS NAILS, SKIN AND HAIR! I mean, why would we not, if such possibility is even an option?

An option? Why yes, young las, you read correctly! My latest “Diva Discovery” is non other than a vital vitamin, Biotin (SOLGAR brand). What is this you may ask? Well basically this is a capsuled product of Vitamin B.

One capsule a day is sure to get those locks looking as luscious as ever in no time. Nails and skin are also on the beneficial list. How fabulous, right?

I will be uploading my before and after (6 month trial period) results of these hair, skin and nail benefits.

In one bottle you’ll find 50 1000mg capsules, VEGAN ofcourse – wheat, dairy and gluten free. Could this product actually just get any better?  At the moment, a bottle of such gloriousness retails for R80.00 at health shops. Quite a bargain, considering you only need to gulp down one a day.

Go on you Gorgeous Gretel’s, let us get our Biotin on!

Biotin post 1



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