Hello all of you Delightful Detra’s!

While Wobbling Wendy is still trying to move out, I’ve decided to give her an extra kick in the bottom to speed up the process. Take a peak at my Betty Breakfast, try it, and tell me what you think. The below ingredients are fit for one Starving Stella.

Look at Betty, posing for pictures!

Look at Betty, posing for pictures!

What you’ll need:

  • Some Gracious Greek yoghurt
  • A handful of Ambitious Almonds
  • 1 /2 a cup of raw rolled oats
  • 1 Boisterous Banana
  • A few friendly strawberries
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon
  • A squeeze of honey

Cooking steps:

Although this isn’t really cooking, we can make ourselves feel like a Fabulous Fritata and call it just that. We’re in the kitchen making food – so we’ve definitely got our Cooking Courtney pants on!

Pour your Gracious Greek yoghurt into a bowl, measure your ½ cup of raw rolled oats and neatly spread across half of the bowl (but only if you want your food to sport some Pretty Percy tactics and plan to have a photo shoot with your brekkie), otherwise just plonk it anywhere in your bowl.

After deciding whether your Betty Breakfast has a modelling career or not, cut your Boisterous Banana and your few friendly strawberries into edible sized pieces and decorate your bowl.

After that, add your Ambitious Almonds, squeeze of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Oh look, it's Betty, with her Ambitious Almonds!

Oh look, it’s Betty again, with her Ambitious Almonds!

If this doesn’t tickle your fancy, add all of these ingredients into your Brenda Blender and make into a delicious smoothie!

Have a lovely day, my Magnificent Martha’s!




Feeling like a bit of a Wobbly Wendy today? Fear not, for I have one of the mightiest breakfast ideas for you in Town!

Today’s breakfast is super easy and not to mention a Speedy Gonzales favourite!

What you’ll need:

  • A microwave that works
  • ½ a cup of raw rolled oats
  • 1 large and in charge banana
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Any form of wonderful whey/ protein powder
  • Cheerful Chia seeds
  • A dash of coconut cream
Fiona looking dashing for the camera!

Fiona looking dashing for the camera!

Luckily, this is one SUPER EASY meal to make. All you need to do is pop your ½ a cup of raw rolled oats into your working microwave with 1 cup of water for two ENTIRE minutes, until cooked. Remove bowl from microwave without burning the paws and mix 1 scoop of whey/protein powder into your concoction.

After that, chop your large and in charge banana into slices and plonk ontop of your oats.  Then sprinkle some Cindy Cinnamon over your masterpiece along with your Cheerful Chia seeds.  Once that is all in place, pour a teeny bit of coconut cream over your creation!

Grab a spoon, some coffee and enjoy your Friday Fiona!!!

Have a superb day, Groovy Judy’s!

Mycaila – Jade



Hello all you Beautiful Betty’s!

Are any of you Hairy Harriet’s walking around with the DRIEST of dry hair and the most brittle and frittle of locks? Quite frankly this more than unacceptable and a complete and utter public disaster! How dare it even be an option to be put through SUCH devastation?

I have been through this stage of unhappy noggin strands and let me just say, DON’T FRET, I have discovered the miracle cure, LITERALLY.

Believe it or not, there IS a tub of resuscitation out there! This discovery goes by the name of Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Repair Rescue. Basically, in English this tub of magic will turn that furious fur into the most luscious of locks. You’ll be the Happiest Hannah frolicking about with the most gorgeous of strands!

Schwarzkopf siblings!

My Schwarzkopf siblings!

My hairdresser was kind enough to advise me to only use this product every 3 days or so, but I obviously took full advantage of the situation and disobeyed such instructions. Instead, I thought I’d be a Clever Trevor and use it as a conditioner whenever my fur needed a bath. Having used it more than recommended, I had the most amazing results and the softest hair! There’s absolutely no build up after some time of use and you literally feel as though you are a walking Pantene advert! How fabulous!

The formula is thick and creamy, and not much is needed to spread from the mid lengths to the tips of your hair. After that, it is advised to be a Patient Percy and wait 5-10 minutes before rinsing. After that, your fur will be the  Softest Sally around!

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue. R305

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue. R305

This treatment retails for R305 at most hairdressing salons and has honestly been the biggest MIRACLE to my mop of fur.

Another Fabulous Franny idea for dry ends is to use my other discovery of Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Oil Miracle (retails for R290) as a finishing product to the tips. Apply a small dollop to the tips of your hair after styling and VVVVWALAH, you are the Fiercest Fiona in town!




Hello my Beautiful Bettys

Over the weekend, I was a total Naughty Nelly and went on a bit of a shopping spree. In short, I basically bought myself half a new face. What an exciting moment!!!How could you NOT be an Excited Elliot over purchases so worthwhile? I only bought 3 lonely items but oh my word, was it money well spent. Genuine Happy Hannah alert!

My Inglot Family photo!

My Inglot Family photo!

My three miracle make up buys were all from the one and only, Inglot. I adopted their Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation, Inglot Lipstick (colour 224) and Inglot Sleeks Lip Gloss (code 29A). I MIGHT be the slightest Inglot fan, but all within good reason as they don’t test on animals. Goodness gracious, what a friendly company!

The foundation was probably my best buy, I mean hello, this is basically your face in a bottle. Inglot has recently released this fabulous new foundation and as all the adverts and feedback about this product promote, it REALLY IS the bee’s knees!

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation. R399

Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation. R399


Coverup is more than mighty and is perfectly thick. It’s as though Inglot understands the struggles of foundation sneakily making an escape and successfully evacuating your face throughout the day. When I say thick though, I don’t mean the “caked face” kind of makeup look, heavens we have moved on from such disastrous times. Basically, this is the perfect formula and coverage for anyone going through the devastation and struggles of possible escapement. Not only that, but the coverage lasts for a solid day. Trust me, I’ve tested such necessities. This bottle of perfection will change your life! The foundation is also water based and prevents excessive shine which DOESN’T leave you feeling like you’ve been dragged through a deep fryer – one should always consider not sporting this look around in the public eye. This foundation retails for R399 in stores for a 35ml bottle. Yes, this is on the higher end of foundation pricing, but it is totally worth every penny, and just makes so much sense to add such dandyness to your everyday life.

Inglot beauty post

Next on the list is an oh so beautiful lippy lipstick. This shade (code 224) obviously understands how manners work, being it not a fully toned nude colour, it is polite enough to have hints of pearly pink. Naked puckers are never attractive. Dress those girls up! I’m almost certain in saying that I don’t think you’d find a lipstick as respectful as this one anywhere else. This colour is honestly a classic one for the books. It’s the perfect combo to pair with bold eyes and retails for R189.00 each.

Inglot 224 lipstick

Inglot Lipstick shade 224. What a Luscious Lucy!! R189

Inglot Lipstick 224

Inglot Lipstick shade 224

My final adoption of the day was the Inglot Sleeks (code 29A), which is a basic plain lip gloss. This is perfect to use on its own or as a top coat to add a fantastically sheer finishing touch. Shiny puckers are never frowned upon!

Inglot Sleeks Lipgoss. R189

Inglot Sleeks Lipgoss. R189

I hope you’ve had a dashing read and that you too have been inspired to purchase half a new face.

Have a gorgeous day, you Dandy Delilah’s!!





And we are back, my arse and I that is!

Last week, my main focus was to put myself through the torturous life experience of attempting to nail cardio, and oh my but was this a challenge and a half! In my efforts to attempt such drastic events, I had the fabulous idea of starting my mornings off with a fierce power walk on the beach but that didn’t work out entirely well. The sky decided to put us through the misfortune of those glorious water sprinkles – how dandy. One cannot simply frolick about in such conditions, never mind a potential attempt to engage in a serious morning beach walk.

Maybe I was being too much of an Ambitious Annabel for our Winter mornings here in Cape Town, and for that, I had to move my idea into the gym and onto the treadmill, which didn’t quite have the same effect – strangely. It wasn’t so scenic and fresh – who would’ve guessed?

3 week before and after front view. SMALL progress!

3 week before and after front view. SMALL progress!

In attempts to unleash my inner Cardio Carla, my workout routine consisted of the following:

  • Monday -20 minute incline walk (incline 15, speed 5.5/6) & 20 minute rowing (level 8)
  • Tuesday- 20 min sprints (start at speed 12 for 1 min then walk for 1 min and increase speed by 1 for every new sprint) & 15 min cross trainer (work your way from level 8 to 15)
  • Wednesday – 20 minute incline walk same as Monday & 20 minute rowing (level 8)
  • Thursday – 20 minute Bicycle cycling (level 10) & 15 cross trainer (work your way from level 6 – 15)
  • Friday- 20 minute jog between level 10 and 11.

This weeks cardio was quite a challenge after the first 3 minutes of each exercise, I yet again questioned life and swore to be well behaved in the kitchen from now on, which seems to have magically happened.

In combination with my cardio this week, I also included some light sets of weights:

  • Monday, Friday – Legs and a teeny bit of abs

Squats (20 reps of 25kg total x 2, then 15 reps of 35kg total x2)

Deadlifts (super light 15kg dumbbell – 20 reps x 3 standing on two benches, which allows you to dip lower)

Abs –25 reverse crunches x2 sets, 25 crunches x 2 sets, bicycle x 25 a side, 15 toe taps x 3 sets)

  • Tuesday, Thursday – Arms and abs

Overhead dumbbell press 10kg , 3 sets of 15

Plain old bicep curls 8kg, 3 sets of 15

Tricep extention, 15kg, 2 sets of 12 reps

Tricep dips, 2 sets of 15 reps

Weighted sit ups (5kg – 3 sets of 15 reps)

Russian twists (5kg – 3 sets of 20 reps)

Leg raises (3 sets of 20 reps)

Wednesday was my retirement day from exercising, apart from my cardio. One does need a day off during the week to gather their life and thoughts. I am happy to say that I am 4.5 kg down so far in my efforts to donate a few kg to the land of unwanted fat.

3 week before and after side view

3 week before and after side view

This weeks main focus is a combination of lighter cardio and heavier weights. So far, my bottom is being a bit more well behaved and I am excited for the upcoming week of my next torturous workout routine and genuine struggle for air during cardio.

I hope all of you Sweaty Nettys are having a monstrous week and killing it in the gym. Summer is just around the corner! Almost time for suns out, bums out, Ladies!




YES, this IS a possibility! Gorgeously coloured claws! What a beautiful thought!

There is NOTHING better than having the dandiest and freshest looking manicure! Not only does this contribute towards looking as though you have your life together, but it also makes you FEEL like you do. Think about it – how many times a day do you unexpectedly catch a glimpse of your paws? Almost all day long, right? You can’t hide from them – wherever you go, they’re always going to be there, right by your side – LITERALLY. There’s no escaping such bodily attachments, unfortunately.

For one, I know that if my nails aren’t looking like a Fresh Fiona then I become shy with my hands and find every way to hide them. Not to state the obvious, but that wouldn’t make me very handy! Why not be a pleasant possum and make an exceptional and not so ghastly sight for yourself and all other claw witnesses involved. After all, we only have one set of eyeballs.

My nails and I are all for the pearly pink shades at the moment. I found a great one at Clicks for an entire R29.95. SUCH a bargain, considering most decent quality nail polishes cost an arm and a leg these days. Thankfully not a hand though – I mean, what would be the point in buying nail polish then, right?

unnamed (2)

Anything “pearly pink” (a whitened light pink colour) hits the spot for me, ESPECIALLY on claws! It just looks so chic and neat. Who wouldn’t want to be sporting such fabulousness everywhere?

The shade in my below picture is “EASY GOING 300” from “SinfulColors Professional” and is made in the U.S of A, in the Big Apple. The brush is rather friendly and spreads the nail polish evenly and smoothly (very well behaved if you ask me). BONUS! The bottle design is pretty simple and clean cut. The nail polish is quite hardy in wear and tear too and the “coverage” is relatively thick. I use two coats per nail. It stayed on for about 3 days with a finishing layer of clear nail polish on top of my “pearly pink”. Any girl knows that 3 days of limited polish chipping is a literal LIFETIME in the land of non-gel nail polish. For that, I would definitely give this particular colour a fat 9/10!

unnamed (1)

Nailing it, SinfulColors!

Go on, Gorgeous Gertrude’s – be handy and get yourself some!




Good morning all you Fabulous Franny’s!

It’s that time of the week again – The morning of all Mornings – M.O.N.D.A.Y!

Why not have an “Oh so fabulous” start to your week and try out my very own Marvelous Myrtle Smoothie recipe. It’s pretty basic, easy to make and of course allows you to indulge in some guilt free deliciousness, without those naughty calories. I’ve added a “mighty morning” mug of hot water, lemon slices and ginger on the side to get the metabolism jiving after an eventful weekend.


  • 1 ripe banana
  • ½ a cup of raw rolled oats
  • ½ tablespoon of PEANUT BUTTER (Yes, my fave – hence the CAPS)
  • A dash of honey
  • A splash of water or milk/ almond milk
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon

The above ingredients are fit to serve one Hungry Hannah.

Cooking steps:

Basically, if you’re not the next Jamie Oliver, DON’T WORRY, you won’t go hungry, I promise! All you need to do is add all the above ingredients and blend in a smoothie blender, but for the love of a clean kitchen and all the Happy Harriet’s out there, DON’T forget to put on the lid!

Blend for about a minute or so until light and fluffy, pour into a glass of sorts and enjoy with a warm mug of my new found ginger & lemon morning drink on the side.

How fabulous that this is basically on the fat free side of life, so easy to make and is a power smoothie. I totally thought about going back for seconds, but that would’ve made me a Greedy Gretel and let’s face it, I’m all about having one arse at the moment, and not two.

Have a mighty Monday, all you Marvellous Myrtles.

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Where are all my Biotin Betty’s at?

Alrighty my Beautiful Betty’s, let us all try our best to not invest in a Pinocchio sized snout and be as straight up and honest about the fact that WE ALL WANT GORGEOUS NAILS, SKIN AND HAIR! I mean, why would we not, if such possibility is even an option?

An option? Why yes, young las, you read correctly! My latest “Diva Discovery” is non other than a vital vitamin, Biotin (SOLGAR brand). What is this you may ask? Well basically this is a capsuled product of Vitamin B.

One capsule a day is sure to get those locks looking as luscious as ever in no time. Nails and skin are also on the beneficial list. How fabulous, right?

I will be uploading my before and after (6 month trial period) results of these hair, skin and nail benefits.

In one bottle you’ll find 50 1000mg capsules, VEGAN ofcourse – wheat, dairy and gluten free. Could this product actually just get any better?  At the moment, a bottle of such gloriousness retails for R80.00 at health shops. Quite a bargain, considering you only need to gulp down one a day.

Go on you Gorgeous Gretel’s, let us get our Biotin on!

Biotin post 1